i finished me and earl and the dying girl in four hours tonight and it was so good! i understand what all your excited blabber about this book was now! :-) from snailpixie

I’m glad you enjoyed it! :D

Under absolutely NO circumstances should people get upset about that!! It's a simple fact that that is just part of the character. I just went and watched the video and I would understand if you said it in a demeaning way, but you didn't!! Some people really shouldn't have internet access if that's the most offensive thing they've come across. from Anonymous

THANK YOU. I in no way meant for it to be offensive (I mean, obviously… why would I?). I’m so over it, people are just crazy these days! *high-fives to the normals like you*

Wait, what? When and how could anyone get the notion that you would accessorize gay men? Just because you like lgbt focused books? I'm confused... from Anonymous

just because in my last book review I called Robby Austin’s gay best friend, which apparently people get very butthurt about. #idono

"gay best friend" really? i've been friends with too many straight, white, girls who reduce me to their shopping partner, not cool from Anonymous

well I’m not one of those girls! Did I ever say gay men are only good for girl talk and shopping? Absolutely not. 

great to know you're one of those straight girls who accessorizes gay men from Anonymous

hahhahaha no not quite

I'm better than you I think. I wasn't at first... but then... I became a wasp. from Anonymous

and I became the creepiest motherfucker there ever was